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Defiant has expert knowledge in managing cosmos infrastructure and developing cosmos-sdk oriented tools. We have helped many great teams including, the Interchain Foundation, Osmosis, Kujira, Babylon, Strangelove, and Odin.


🔐 Validator: Equipped with over three years of experience as a validator, we currently secure networks like Ethereum, Osmosis, Kujira, and Odin. Our proficiency extends to many other Cosmos chains, evident in our contractual roles over the past year.

📡 Network Participation: Need to test a new version of your chain? We can assist in setting up, verifying start capability, and coordinating with a validator set for smooth chain launches or upgrades.

💻 Node Operation: Our reliable and scalable infrastructure assures your users of uninterrupted and seamless access to RPC / API endpoints.

🛠️ Chain Tools: We offer a dedicated block explorer, enabling users to conveniently view their transactions and balances. Additionally, we can provide a faucet for novice users. Visit Defiant Explorer for a sneak peak!

📚 Documentation: We understand the importance of documenting critical chain information. Our Validator Docs showcase our attention to detail.

🔄 IBC Maintenance: Our IBC expetise encompass the creation of new paths, relaying of existing paths, closing channels, fixing expired clients, flushing stuck packets, and more.

📊 Tax Reporting: If your users require cosmos activity reports, our sycamore service can cater to this need.

🔧 Custom Module Development: We have developed a custom faucet module for osmosis, showcased at x/faucet.

🧰 Custom Tooling: Our portfolio includes the creation of open-source tax tooling for the ICF, facilitated by Strangelove. Visit cosmos-tax-cli for more details.